Trench Blue Portfolio


BLUE Portfolio uses CLEAN AIR as insulation gas which contains approx. 20% Oxygen and 80% Nitrogen like the air we are breathing but high purity and very less water content. Therefore, insulation gas has no longer any impact on the global warming and is most environmental friendly insulation for high voltage products.

blue portfolio at a glance

Instrument transformers:

Up to 420kV

Up to 6000amps

Power VT / SSVT

Up to 420kV

Up to 167kVA (single phase)

Trench Group is a pioneer in innovation, leading the shift
from analog to digital technologies in high voltage switchgears.

Trench Blue Portfolio do not contain oil or SF6 as insulation media but providing the same long-term sustainability and no environmental compromises. Trench BLUE portfolio devices are type tested and available for worldwide applications.


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Rupture disc

Triggers in case of overpressure to prevent explosion

Lifting lugs

Lifting & rotation of the unit for and after shipping

HV an LV winding(s) VT

High voltage and low voltage winding designed to meet customer requirements

Primary terminals

Customized HV connection to VT and CT suitable for IEC, NEMA and others

Primary turns

Up to 4 turns to offer multiple primary currents for wide range of rated primary currents

Core shell

CT cores are located and fixed in here

Primary bar

Designed for high currents up to 6000 amps compact but rigid design suitable short time currents (short circuit) up to 80kA (rms)/1s.


Trench Group and HSP give life to an innovative holistic concept that must drive our present and future commitment to reduce the environmental and social impact of the products and solutions we provide to our customers.

This concept has become, day by day, a philosophy that inspires all our work and that, in the end, defines us.

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Together for sustainability

What we need now is to share it, involving our business partners in this process to drive the change together for a greener world.

Eco-friendly products and solutions

To reach this challenging goal, we contribute to preserve our environment and to create more sustainable societies, by providing the most advanced and competitive eco-friendly Portfolio of Transmission Products (Bushings, Instrument Transformers and Coils).

Trench Blue Instrument Transformers

Product Specifications

Technical benefits

  • Clean air is the main insulation medium
  • Complete portfolio available from 72,5 to 245 kV: for current transformers, and combined current-voltage transformers (Portfolio to be extended up to 420kV soon) and Voltage transformers from 72,5kV to 420kV
  • Fully compliant and type tested according to IEC / IEEE without any limitation, including IEEE seismic level “High”
  • Same or better technical features and lifetime performances compared to the other instrument transformer technologies.
  • Suitable for low temperature applications at -50°C and below
  • Maintenance free during a long lifetime of more than 30 years
  • External insulation with composite insulator; porcelain insulator available on request
  • Internal conditions monitored by remote with Sensgear®

Environmental benefits

  • Cleanest technology possible, using air instead of mineral oil or SF6
  • No Global Warming Potential: GWP = 0
  • No Ozone Depletion Potential: ODP = 0
  • 88% CO2 savings over the whole lifetime of the equipment
  • In case of leakage, there is no harm for the atmosphere or the soil

Safety highlights

  • Superior Internal arc behavior: totally explosion free, according to IEC 61869-1 class II, proven by tests
  • Clean air does not generate and propagate fire in any condition.
  • Overall the safest technology available in the market
  • Certified according to international pressure vessel standards

Cost saving benefits

  • No water/soil protection system
  • No fire hazard mitigation costs
  • No reporting or emission costs during operation and recycling
  • No SF6– or F-gas tax or future risk
  • No F-gas documentation or reporting costs
  • No risk of F-gas gas recycling costs
  • No environmental compromises and never subjected to gas taxation.
  • F-gas free insulation with lowest requirements on training, transport, installation, operation, reporting and recycling
  • Clean air bottles available by local distributor worldwide
  • Same lead time as SF6 units

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